Industry validation

Industry validation is the validation of individuals' competence that is carried out under the auspices of the industries.
It is the industry's activities and companies that stand for legitimacy and the industry validation has a national recognition.

The validation focuses on the industry's demands for professional competence, that is, those skills that are in demand in the working life and that make the individual employable within a competence area or in a professional role. Therefore, industry validation is often a first choice when the aim is to improve the individual's opportunities in the labor market and obtain a professional certificate. Companies and businesses can also use industry validation internally to streamline their skills provision. Further information on nationally recognized industry models will be published in the near future. 

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Länkar till branschens validering:

Building and Construction  

CNC technology                

Electrical engineering validation     

Real estate business   




Trade                        och-kompetens/validering/


Hotel and restaurant

Industry, production personnel with automation focus

Industrial Engineering Bass, production staff

Industrial technology, maintenance base             

Process industry, process operator      


Food, process technology BAS, industrial technology base


Natural Resources                  

Cleaning and service        


Weld, level white              

Transport, truck driver

Transport, mechanic  


Wood technical validation  

maintenance Engineering        


Health and social care