What is validation

Much of what we can have we learned in school is documented through grades. We have learned other things at work, in the corporate world or otherwise. Through a validation we can also get this documented by, for example, a professional certificate.

In order to be validated, you must have experience in a profession. Contact us for more information.
It is your home municipality that approves and pays for your validation.

Mer information kommer att komma våren 2020 med information om validering inom följande yrken: Barnskötare, Kock, träarbetare och undersköterska. Önskar du validera inom ett annat område är du välkommen att ställa fråga till oss. 

At your first meeting and survey, you will receive information on how the validation can proceed.
Validation is individual and can take a long time. There is always a schedule for your validation.
Validation can be done at a workplace or at a training provider. You will receive a grade and / or certificate after a validation. 

Efter en validering får du hjälp att göra en planering vidare och i flesta fall kan du komplettera med utbildning så du når ditt mål.

How is a validation done?

Validation involves making visible, identifying, recognizing and documenting your real skills. It can be about the skills and experience you have gained.

- work or internship in Sweden or abroad
- continuing education at past or present workplace
- tutorials
- community and leisure engagements
- various courses or courses with grades or certificates

1. Meet with a study and career counselor

You meet a study and career counselor who tells you how a validation is done.

2. Mapping competence

You fill out a survey material and make a self-assessment of the experiences you think are important to get documented. You write a detailed document about your experience in the area you wish to validate. You collect work certificates, service certificates and grades / certificates from courses and courses that you think are relevant for validation.

3. An initial assessment

Efter kartläggningen görs en första bedömning och ger rådgivning om hur du kan gå vidare. Beslutet fattar du själv. Utförare av validering ställer krav på hur mycket grundkompetens du ska ha för att de ska kunna genomföra en validering.

4. Validation performers

En lärare eller handledare hos en utbildningsanordnare eller ett företag kontaktas. Där görs en djupintervju och bedömning om du kan gå vidare till en validering. Om svaret blir positivt gör ni en handlingsplan. Vid en validering är det du själv som måste visa dina kunskaper och en validering kan bestå av både teoretiska och/eller praktiska moment. Valideringen äger rum i en utbildningsmiljö och/eller på en arbetsplats.

5. Paper on your skills

When the validation is completed, you will receive a written document on your knowledge. The documentation may look different. It can be a certificate, grade, certificate or certificate of competence. You can also get suggestions on which studies you can continue with.

6. After validation

Om du efter en validering behöver komplettera dina kunskaper kan du få hjälp med planering.

The purposes of validation may be to:

Shorten an ongoing education so that you do not need to read as you already can.

Document their expertise to apply for a new job.

Identify what knowledge and skills need to be supplemented to achieve the qualification you desire.

Thus, the validation can both provide a certificate of what you already know and identify what you need to supplement in order to get a job or go to an education. In this way, the educational efforts can be directed to the right areas and the study time can be shortened.

The school law describes validation as follows:

“… A structured assessment, evaluation, documentation and recognition of the knowledge and skills that a person possesses regardless of how they were acquired”

The result of the validation will be a recognition of knowledge and competence. The person who is validated receives a formal certificate that shows that he or she has all or part of the competence that meets the requirements for a particular profession, industry or education / course.