Validation - a faster way to work

Validation in Östergötland

Here, you who are thinking about what validation is, want to be validated or are validator can find more information about what a validation means and how it works.

What is validation?
means you get your experience confirmed, assessed and documented.

What is a Branch
means profession or business area.

What is validation

Validation involves making visible, identifying, recognizing and documenting your real skills. It can be about the skills and experience you have gained.

Mapping competence

You fill out a survey material and make a self-assessment of the experiences you think are important to get documented. You write a detailed document about your experience in the area you wish to validate. You collect work certificates, service certificates and grades / certificates from courses and courses that you think are relevant for validation.

An initial assessment

After the survey, Validation in Östergötland makes an initial assessment and gives advice on how to proceed. You make the decision yourself. Validation providers place requirements on how much basic competence you need to be able to carry out a validation.